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The Stevenson family has been beekeeping in New Zealand since the 1920’s.  Jack Stevenson, and his son, John (Rex) Stevenson kept beehives in the Northland and Auckland regions and the most recent generations have continued the family tradition.

Pure 100% New Zealand honey.

From the pristine New Zealand wilderness comes pure New Zealand honey that is prized the world over for its purity and quality.

Stevies Feburary Specials

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Raw New Zealand Honey


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Bee Pollen


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Manuka Honey


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Our products

All our Mānuka honey products carry the Mānuka Originz™ guarantee. This gives every customer the ability to trace their New Zealand Mānuka product all the way back to its source of origin. This trademark represents our commitment to quality and authenticity.


Bee Pollen


Raw New Zealand Honey

Royal Jelly Capsules

The Most Purest Honey. Be apart of our story

The guarantee of quality

In line with these old fashioned values Stevies operates with integrity, and with a real commitment to doing what is right. In practice this means following best practice in environmental, product quality and product integrity standards.

Our happy customers

These comments have been provided by our customers over the years and are reprinted with permission:

“I tried your honey originally through a friend and I thought it was just so good that I ended up buying some from you myself. I just buy the honey and wouldn’t think of getting it from anywhere else, it just tastes so pure and natural” Marie Raynor, Auckland, New Zealand.

“I am so very sure that the pollen capsules have given me a new lease on life in my sixties, my energy levels are better so I’d just like to say thank you” P.K. Clarke, Boston, United States

“The Manuka Honey was something I had heard about but didn’t know much about so I thought I’d give it a try, and I am loving it. You also made the ordering so easy” Simon Walker, Victoria, Australia

“I wanted to get something special for my Nanna for her 80th and so choose your Stevies gift pack, and Nan was just delighted. She has got through much of it including giving some away of course.” Margaret Fletcher, Wellington, New Zealand

“The first of your honey that I tried was when visiting friends in New Zealand, and it was just so tasty that once I got home I looked you up. Looking forward to doing more business with you!” Clifford Cooke, Durham, UK.

Beekeeping basics

The Stevies beekeepers believe successful beekeeping in the area’s they have apiaries comes down to some key factors

Beekeeper Basics


It is widely accepted that the Maori people of New Zealand used manuka honey on skin wounds and infections.


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